I am a closet geek...

but I would like to know about bit torrent...

how does it work - where do I go - give me the readers digest version on this topic...


whole thread on the OG yesterday, should be availible to other mudnamers if you hurry.

look for many anchovies' thread about it on the OG........

  1. download client (bitcomet, azareus)
  2. set up settings in the client (your preferences)
  3. unblock client in windows network firewall (xp)
  4. open ports on physical router (6881-6890), you can open up more ports if you want (google it)
  5. use torrent sites like... (you'll see them on goolge too)

why use torrent when I could just use a peer to peer?

p2p is good, but for (speaking only about comics) the whole run of a series, torrenting may be faster depending on how many seeds and ppl on the torrent.

what exactly is a "seed"

is that the host file?

correct - but also, it's taken to mean in addition to the original torrentor who has 100% of the file, any others who were 'leeches'/'peers', who have successfully dl'd the file, they stay on the help 'seed' the torrent cos they have 100% of the file and are themselves a 'seed' now.