Torres cut a good thing for him?

I know this is a bit left field but I think Miguel getting cut from the UFC is going to be good for him.  The reason? Bellator is a successful company with a large latino and widely diverse audience.  Miguel has been fighting on UFC undercards, making 60k to show 30k to win.  If Bellator picks up this Bantamweight powerhouse they will showcase him, they'll put him in a tournament; and he'll run through it and be a feature for the company.  Unfortunately the big bucks are in the UFC, but.  He will fight much more in Bellator usually averaging 10k to show 10k to win and 100k for winning the tournament.  By the years end he might come close to the UFC paycheck; plus he will have more recognition.  Just trying to bring some positive out of negative.


yeah, if he can get in the bellator tourney, he could make 100k in about 3 months time, thats better than he was doing in the UFC

 Good point but I think it comes down to what Miguel really wants, to be number 1 or a paycheck? Is Bellator financially stable? for the next 5 years?

I totally agree!

What Dana does not realize is that any talent he throws away IS JUST MAKING HIS COMPETITION BETTER! Haha

A better punishment would have been to have him publicly appologize and to just sit him on the shelf for a year or two. No fight = No $$ Phone Post

 His sponsor money won't be nearly what it was in UFC.

<blockquote>kid chaos -Is Bellator financially stable? for the next 5 years?</blockquote><br /><br />Viacom...

Not at all. Phone Post