Torres Fighter Making Recovery after Accident

A brother in the MMA community is going thru a really rough time. If you have the ability to help out, please do so. Albert is a really good soul and can use all the help he can get right now.

Thanks boys and girls.

Prayers for Albert

Albert Arevalo is by no means large in physical stature. Even for the bantamweight (135 lb.) division he fights in, Albert cannot be considered big. But to most of the people who know him, the ones who know his spirit, Albert is a giant. His enormous heart has proven out, both inside the cage and in his personal life. Albert’s kindness is plainly evident in his easy smile and gentle mannerisms. On the surface, and because of his likeable demeanor, it’s almost impossible to identify the fierce competitor that lives inside this kid. He is without question a really good guy.
“Bad things happen to good people sometimes,” Miguel Torres reminded his jiu-jitsu class, as he broke the bad news the next morning. Albert had been in a near fatal car crash coming home from his friends’ fights the night before and was in bad shape.
Albert had suffered third degree burns to over 30% of his body, had a broken jaw, a fractured leg, and suffered a brain injury. He was put on a ventilator for a month and was in a six week coma. As of July 9th, Albert is back home and continuing advanced therapy. Anyone can imagine how much he is racking up in medical debt and of course he cannot work. Good people are getting together to help him and here are a FEW things YOU can do.
First, come out for “Prayers for Albert” Benefit on Sunday, October 17th at Lucille’s, 343 Broad Street in Griffith. It’s five dollars at the door and doors open at 4:00 pm. Live entertainment will be provide by No Drama with guest appearance by Blueberry Hill (Zeplin cover band). Spin master Biz Brother Slim will shut down the show. All proceeds will help with Albert’s medical bills. Food will be provided by Barton’s Pizzeria.
Also, try to visit the Prayers for Albert facebook page. Contact with his friends and family can be made there, plus you can find updates on Albert’s health. Albert Arevalo is twenty-eight years old, and this dude really has a lot of productive, quality life left in front of him if given the chance.
If you are so inclined, stop by Torres Martial Arts on the Boulevard and you can talk to Albert’s peeps directly. Anything and everything is appreciated.
Of course prayers are always welcome.