Tortoise ??????????

Anyone here have one? I am interested in getting one and can not decide between two.
Anyone with experience?

I have been told the Russian tortoise stays a nice size and makes a great beginer tortoise.

Hello! I had two small Greek Tortoises and they were great. Little eating machines.


Greek torts look so damn cool too!

Whatever you do, do NOT get a Sulcata unless you're eventually prepared for a 200lb bulldozer that pushes through your drywall and digs gaint pits in the yard.

Red-foots are supposed to make great pets and stay reasobaly sized

I have had my Russian Tortoise for a little over a year now. Great pet. They are eating machines. Mine is extremely gentle and they don't grow to a larger size like the Sulcata. Plus compared to other tortoises they are relatively cheaper.

I'm looking for a beginner land turtle/tortise. I'm focused on "small". I want a turtle that doesn't get large. Suggestions?

Tough to say, tortoises in general aren't really "beginner" herps to begin with.

Red-Foots, Russians seem to be the most recommended for beginners though and they tend to stay on the smaller end of the scale.Box Turtles stay nice and small but are really a more advanced species.Honestly if you research as much as you can and have some herp experience any shouldn't be a huge problem as long as you do your homework ahead of time and are prepared..