Total Beginner

I am more interested in "bulking down."

After taking 6 months off from all exercise and diet considerations, I have taken on about 30 pounds and lost a lot of my usual athleticism. Now I am planning to get back in shape and resume my martial arts practice, but I know better than to just jump in at the level I was at. I have had serious injuries before, so am willing to take my time and do it right.

After looking at the Grappler's Toolbox tapes and your books on Bodyflow and Club Bells for Circular Strength, along with Pavel Tsatsouline's stuff on kettlebells and stretching, I am in a quandary. You talk a lot about having to establish GPP before working much on SPP... and you state numerous times that club bells are definitely SPP training tools.

Would it be smarter for me to start off with body-weight calisthenics, aerobic work, and possibly kettlebells to establish a solid GPP foundation before taking up club bells? If it were you, on a limited budget with space and time considerations, what would you do? I've also thought about getting a Total Gym and adopting a boxing-style non-contact training regimen complete with speed bag and heavy bag.

So much flab, so many options. What is a guy starting all over again to do?



Body-Flow and Clubbell Training (IOW: CST) are all you'll ever need.