Total Combat Podcast Cancelled ?

The Show and or Podcast may be cancelled due to Arena and Union issues , the website is instructing . ??????? Any Info ?

Don't see anything on site saying there's a problem???

HKP, If this show is cancelled, I am going on a 3 state killing spree!

Yes it does !!

Union and Arena issues have forced cancellation.

Why would they stop a revenue stream ? says cancelled if you go to Purchase ?

I just killed two transients. I am wearing the stomach of one over my face like a ski mask. I am drinking beer out of the other one's skull.

What I am trying to say... this sucks... ME MAD!

Somebody besides Myself better contain Rolled1. He may become the Rolling Psycho if Apple does not seek and destroy tonight.

*drives to San Diego wearing new ski mask

RFL , I kid you not. I would have gone if I could have seen this coming. All the fighters and fans are already there and I called IPay1

and they didnt say a word about Cancellation 4hrs ago.

The event in Florida (AFC?) said they had 91,000 viewers. (Its was free) This sucks for TC and the site. Big loss.

Agreed. I would have gone had I thought I could not see it on their webcast.

yeah , even 50 K @ 3.99 will hurt ?

Good news, the fight is on! Unfortunately I got the news after getting through 2 of the 3 states.Whats up with the webcast?

what webcast ?


1 a : the use of means (as charms or spells) believed to have supernatural power over natural forces b : magic rites or incantations
2 a : an extraordinary power or influence seemingly from a supernatural source b : something that seems to cast a spell :
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In case you were wondering , this is Magical !!