Total Fight Challenge (Yard Sale)

Guys, Wes Sims is now into phase III of his MMA Money Making Guide to Success.

Being that I have over 200 emails in my inbox for free shit and I need to make some money for postage I have decided to start yet another business venture.

I am going to have a garage sale this Saturday at the fights in the Hammond Civic Center.

I am moving and have a lot of items that I need to sell, so Mike Davis from Cut Throat is going to give me some of his table space.

With me I will be selling various foam hands from pro wrestling events.

A pair of 8yr old sandles

a bull fighting hat that I won in Tiajuana Mexico

My pink shirt that I wore on Blind Date

The gloves that I decisivly almost beat Bobby Hoffman bloody with.

An elbow pad that I fought Tim Sylvia with in a fight that was ruled a no contest due to injury before the fight.

a foot long shot glass for my troubles once used by the Raging Redneck.

I GOTTA have the blind date shirt!!

I also just locked up the following promotions.

Dave Strassers Freestyle Fighting Challenge

Pat Omalley and Ron Faircloth's Madtown ThrowDown

Keith Palmers United Fight League

Nick Thompsons Eau Claire ThrowDown

MIke Bowerstocks Full Contact Fight Series

Victor from Mexico has shown some interest.

Alex from Apex keeps emailing me trying to get me to make my first trip to Canada and make some business.

Guys, Wes Sims is going to become the ebay of MMA, I am going to lock everyone down so that I get at least 15% of your overall garage sale money at all MMA events.

If you guys can think of any other items that you will want me to bring please post them.

I just found some old work boots as well!

Dana give me a call we can work things out for the next broadcast.

what about the LFC?

Sorry Palmers show has a lock on the Indianapolis area, plus I am only dealing with the best shows in each city.

T to the T to the other T

plus I dont think that I have even heard of the LFC

what does it stand for the Large Fat Challenge?

any slightlty used jockstap would fetch a large offer wes

L.onely C.onnection;) Palmer's good peeps.

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evil you are a sick fuck



Mobile Parking Lot Sale Van, imo.

I got dibs on the hat from Tiajuana. What size are the sandles? Thinking about giving Mike Davis a gift for all his hard work.

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Bidding war for the Bullfighter hat.

I got $0.01 burning a hole in my pocket for the pink t!

Any used mouth guards?