Total Subhuman Pours Soda In 83 Year Old's Head, Punches Him In The Face On NYC Bus

Must’ve said the magic word

White guy was racist, duh

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Until white people stand up to this shit it will continue to happen. He will get a slap on the wrist by liberal system


yeah i’m sure they are searching for him


I don’t understand how anyone can be that pathetic. That is an 83 year old man who could barely stand. As if pouring the bottle out on his head wasn’t bad enough, may as well punch him once for good measure. Fuck that POS criminal. I hope he gets his ass raped for the next 20 years.

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This is why they are always shooting each other, they are assholes and even they know it. I hope the shooting numbers skyrocket, let them genocide themselves.


Can’t get the vid to load at work.

Not trying to justify what happened, but does the vid catch what the old man said to the guy?

The post is a news clip covering the story so there is no sound of the attack itself, I don’t think buses record that anyways. No mention of the old guy doing anything to the attacker. Old guy suffered multiple facial fractures. He looked to be about 5’2, he was a little chubby but quite frail. He is 83 so pretty much what you expect of someone that age.

Just asking because I see more and more old folks offering their opinions, shaming people, etc. out in public and the way people are these days, I’m surprised more of them aren’t getting decked.

The elderly need to check themselves. I hear ya.

He’s just taking the rhetoric that is being spewed everywhere to some logical actions

Where’s fucking Charles Bronson when you need him?

He’s been making twisted murder devices from a toy story.