Tough Enough was good

I felt bad for the guys that got the fucked up looking slams. I think Show fucked the first guy's fall up on purpose, and probably a few of the other guys who took the twisty looking slams. But I was pretty surprised that nobody tried to properly break/take their fall.

Oh, and I felt bad for Daniel Puder, I know a dude that used to train with him up at AKA. lol, he sure is a gutsy fucker though, and I wouldn't be surprised if he'd whoop Show in a street fight. He'd definitely beat Goldberg's ass though. :)

heh, I know, but he's definitely got some grit. I was really hoping to see him wrestle the other guys on last weeks tough enough. He's the smallest there but he's an actual "shooter", to an extent. I just hope we get to see him do some real wrestling before he's gone. Looks a bit like Tito, only with more body than cranium.

I did somewhat wonder if Show did try to teach some respect to some of the kids who were acting like punks the most. That knee drop into the one guy's chest had to fucking hurt. I bet if Show did that full weight, you'd have a cracked sternum.

I thought the Tough Enough segment from last week was decent. This week it was just uncomfortable...All those guys dancing around like tools and pretending not to be nervous gave me the douche chills.

I also don;t like the obvious work/shoot aspect. In the MTV show there was likely all sorts of worked stuff (altercations etc.) in there, but it had a more real feel to it.

That segment just goes to show the miracle of video editing. The entire segment actually ran 20 pain staking minutes. Here's a 'live report' on what went done unedited:

"-In the ring, the contestants were assigned their first test: Cut a promo on the Big Show with only 20 seconds of time each. Most cut pretty vanilla promos, with Mike "The Miz" Mizanin of Real World fame getting the best reaction - a mixed one - while all the others were pretty much booed. To Mizanin's credit - there were a few "Miz" signs in the crowd.

-Next test: Take a body slam from The Big Show. Several of the guys completely no sold the body slam,immediately jumping right up. This was a BODY SLAM from the BIG SHOW, and they absolutely no sold even a bounce in the middle of the ring. You could actually see a producer or someone call Al Snow over and tell him something in a panic, the final few guys actually took extra shots from Show so that they'd make some effort to sell. Probably a 20 minute segment in all."

These kids are clueless on how to work and project a story to the audience. Here's the 7' 500 lbs Big Show doing 'vicious' body slams, and the kids are popping up, laughing like fools, acting like it had no effect in front of an arena full of fans. This is NOT what WWE wants.

The guys who took extra elbow and knee drops were the biggest dunces.

the miz is in the new tough enough????

"I bet if Show did that full weight, you'd have a cracked sternum."


I remember someone on the UG telling a story of Show going to a BJJ seminar when he was in Atlanta at the Power Plant. The BJJ guest instructor, talking major shit, basically said he could armbar anyone, even someone as big as Show. So Show let him get an armbar on, asked him if he was tight, and then stood up, held the guy up in the air, and said "You know, that's pretty good."

Meanwhile, the instructor was pushing his hips as forward as he could, but nothing was happening.

I bet to actually armbar Show, it would take someone in the 250+ range, just because of how big and strong the fucker is.

Does anyone know the actual time tough enough comes on between 8-10, and how long is it or does it vary?

What was the deal with Angle and Puder wrestling? That Key lock looked pretty close to being sunk. Was Angle out there to pin those guys legit, or was it a scripted part of the Tough Enough act?

Puder would beat Show down like Wesley tooled Andre (RIP) in The Princess Bride.