Tough night for Wing Chun Acadamy

Well, I guess I was getting too worked up for a whole lot of nothing. Wing Chun Vern lost by TKO ref stoppage and his student followed in his Sifu's footsteps with a loss via guillotine. I don't want to mention the students name because I work in the same office as him and he is actually a very good guy...a little mislead down the Wing Chun path...but a good guy just the same.

I meant "Academy"

and did they both use the horse stance?

You have got to be kidding me someone please take this challenge

Tapsta did you see the Vid? the guy kicks Chi Masters ass!!

That was a waste of time for the mma guy what a joke

Chi Master-

"Did you guys see him punch me in the mouth? This is supposed to be a fight...why'd he punch me?"

You gotta admit, his student is one hell of an actor in that little promo before the "fight".

Did you seriously get paid 5k for kicking the shit out of some old man who tried to slap you?

Does Rumble in the Cage post results to FcFighter eventually? They are only up to RITC 21 on that site and this was event was 23.

Wonder if WC Vern will take a long hard look in the mirror now and quit WC, or find an excuse for his loss?

I was thinking more along the lines of how he didnt work on his Chi development hard enough?

But the 'street lava' excuse would probably be enough to salve his ego for another go around.

Reality is obviously not an option he wants to embrace.

Frosty we want the VIDEO of your sparing session with Wing Chung Vern!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!