Toughest/Best line-up

Pick your best line up that is also tough as nails!
here's mine;

Billy Smith

LW;Howe(moved..ambidextrous) C;Messier RW;Neely...D;Stevens/Potvin..G;Cloutier

Neely - Messier - Howe

Stevens - Robinson

Ron Hextall

I think Wendal would have knocked Messier into the 3rd row in a tussell... Messier was a great leader but not physically tough with the mits off... although Wendal never had the number Messier did...just my opinion

Best lineup & tough as nails. You didn't ask for the best fighters, that would change everything.

Can't deny that Messier in his prime was feared throughout the league, not for his fighting but for his mean/tough play.

Mess would have never fought Clark. He was much more valuable on the ice than Clark. Having them both off the ice for 5 minutes or more was a losing proposition for Messier and he knew that.


True, when I posted I meant the combo of both....tough as nails but could light it up as well...Neelty was awesome scorer and pounded guys...Howe, need say more although I guess he wasn't that much of an actual fighter fighter, and Wendal scored big goals, big wrist shot, was loved and could hang in there with anyone....

Twist, Tocchet, Probert
Stevens, Potvin

Twist, Tocchet, Probert
Stevens, Potvin

Oh crap I forgot about about probert..and I think he scored 30 plus one yr (along side Yzerman)

Neely - W. Clark - Probert

McSorley - Robinson