Toughest team in the league??

Which team is the toughest?? with the guys who throw down most, no particular order

Toronto - Belak, Domi, Perrot, Tucker, Marchment, McCabe, Jackman, Roberts

Nashville - Allison, Brookbank, Stevenson, tootoo, Walker

Montreal - Langdon, Begin, Quintal, Souray, Rivet

Vancouver - May, Jovo, Bertuzzi, Allen

Calgary - Oliwa, Iginla, Warrener, Clark

Edmonton - Laraque, Moreau, Smith, Cross

Dallas - Guerin, Downey, Erskine, Morrow, Ott, Dimiao

I dont' have time to list more right now, which team do you think it is?? I like Nashville and Dallas, although Toronto obviously has the most meatheads

if your talking about the which team has most players with fighting majors and the team with the a high total of fighting majors, I think nashville is at the top with Dallas in a close second.

Odd that those two are in the lead though because neither has an established enforcer on their team. Brookbank looks like an up and coming heavy, but I dont think he'll ever be considered among the leagues top heavies.

Out of the guys he listed, Rivet and Cross are far bigger pussies than Guerin.

I've seen Rivet throw with some tough dudes before and he never looks bad, cross is just a big ogre who doesn't know how to fight..... Guerin just throws, he doesn't care if he gets hit, i like watching him fight alwasy entertaining


Edmonton? Edmonton never fights! Jason Smith is a great fighter who doesn't fight anymore, Cross never did fight, Moreau is good for a few a year, Laraque fights about as infrequently as you can and still be considered a fighter.

With Nashville you forgot their top fighter, Gentleman Jim McKenzie.

Honestly the Rangers should be near the top, but they always forget to fight. Sandy McCarthy, Matt Barnaby, Dale Purinton, now Richard Scott...Malakhov is mean when he fights (which is rarely.) Problem is, Purinton's always a healthy scratch, McCarthy and Barnaby don't think they're fighters anymore, and Scott just got the call up.

I'd have to say Toronto takes the cake, though they don't fight as often as they should either, considering their stacked lineup. Don't forget Nolan for Toronto.

Also, here's a vote for Columbus...Jody Shelley. He's the shoe in. Take a look at all of the Jacket's box scores and notice how many times Shelley fights on his first shift. He usually takes on the other team's top dog on his first shift. Along with him you've got Ling, Grand Pierre, Richardson...pretty decent supporting cast.

Atlanta is another team full of underachievers. Their roster is pretty tough though, Lessard, Sutton, Cowan, Exelby, Tamer...I know I'm forgetting a couple.

Bradu the Rangers are you kidding? Maybe team with most concussions. FLYERS ARE THE TOUGHEST TEAM IN THE LEAGUE

Reread what I said. The Rangers are a tough team who disappoints me, because they don't play like a tough team anymore. They've got lots of fighters, but they've all decided they're no longer fighters.

Flyers are ok, but Brashear only fights rarely, Fedoruk is hurt, Vandermeer is in the minors I beleive...I wouldn't put the Flyers up there as one of the toughest teams.

Honestly, this year is big time disappointing to me...there really are no 'toughest teams'. There are no teams I look forward to seeing. Usually each year there are 2 or 3 teams that you really look for, last year it was the Bruins and this year they have NOTHING.

BTW, gotta correct myself from above...I said Sandy McCarthy on the Rangers, I meant Chris Simon. Both guys went through the similar phase of thinking they are players now and not fighters...Simon actually is fighting a lot more again though.

Toughest team is kinda relative too, unless you want to only count the heavyweights who fight all the time.Team toughness you gotta count Vancouver, St Louis, Philly.leafs get a mention based on the amount of cheap thugs they have too ;-)Vancouver has Bertuzzi, Allen, Jovo, May, Keane. Ruutu and Cooke who don't fight but are damn hard hitters and scrappy/annoying types.Malik can dish out the hits and will mix it up now and then but isn't one to be dropping the gloves all the time, Linden and Arvedson are good hitters who'll grind and usually come out with the puck whenever they go into the corners.

Its tough to pick out the toughest team this year. Recent years Florida and Philly have always been near the top. Before that, the record setting Sabres (May, Ray, Barnaby, Boughner).

I think Philly is middle of the road at best. My favorite fighter on their team (and the best on the team in my opinion) got his face broken by Cairns. Vandermeer will drop um, but really isnt that good. Huggy Bear (aka Brashear) doesnt even fight, he hugs the hole damn time. And most of the time he runs like a fuckin bitch like he did recently against Cairns. Cairns was kicking him around like the punkass he is (for the whole game I should add), and Huggy Bear ran from him the whole game.

Simon had a killer fight with a young kid, McNeil a few games ago, it was a hell of a fight. Looks like he may be making a comeback.

I'm not too familiar with other teams but every fight Toronto gets into they usually win or tie the fight. ... I don't remember the last time I saw a fight with T.O and one of them get thier ass handed to them.

just finished watching Domi beat up Barnaby twice... :)

Good Lord, there were alot of fights in that game, care to give us a play by play of the ones you saw?

"just finished watching Domi beat up Barnaby twice... :) "

Must make you toronto fans proud to see domi take on the menacing Barnaby, Domi has done nothing to warrant being in the NHL this year, he's days are done he can't hang with the heavy weights every night like he use to

I've seen Toronto players lose thier fair of fights, you must not watch every game... one of my favorites of recent memory was Peat destroying Belak last year