Toughill the next Rickson?

Rickson is a mystery...  is he the best ever, or should he simply stop injuring japanese grapplers?

Suddenly, I have the same questions about Erin...

i guess i'm missing your point. could you clarify it for me?

I missed the point of the post too, maybe.

Erin Toughill is the best female fighter on earth.

I'm just kidding... but both seem to always fight outsized japanese grapplers, correct?

If you were to show up where they work out they could kick your ass and brake that string...

It looks like that chick is trying to kick her in the nuts.

chick is probably going for an uchimata (a judo hip throw where your leg goes in between their legs)

It's a rolling wrist lock..

Erin is cool in my book. I believe she just may have lost it for a moment in her last fight.

I actually Thai kicked a guy in the head during one of my fights (MMA) and he was down on both knees ( blatent rule violation) I was DQ'd right away and a lot of people were calling me a dirty fighter. The truth is that I really don't remeber the guy going to his knees. We were trading heavy and I hit him with a body shot that put him on his knees for a second. I looked right at him and kicked him in the head. After the fight was over I could not believe I did that!!! I really could not figure out what was going through my head when I kicked him.

Fighting is a weird thing. Sometimes I'm acting on reflex and training and other times I feel like I'm outside my body looking down at myself.

Erin may not have meant to fire those elbows at her opponents back. Her reflexes may have betrayed her at that point. I'm willing to give Erin the benefit of a doubt because she has never done anything like this before.

Time will tell.. 

"I'm just kidding... but both seem to always fight outsized japanese grapplers, correct?"

How many people has Rickson outweighed? Nakai..thats one out of 11 opponents

"Erin Toughill is the best female fighter on earth"

I disagree, although she is good. in boxing Lucia Rijker is clearly the best. Lucia is a better kickboxer too, I'd bet. In MMA, Erin might be the best

And Erin's fight with Frazier was a No Contest because of a cut, Gator

Where is Rock and Roll High School?

Who's ranked above Erin (mma)? has it as a NC due to accidental headbutt Gator, so that's all i'm going by. Maybe I'm wrong

I know Lyde isn't the best competition in the world, but I'm not the one sitting here saying Toughill is the best fighter in the world either. Lucia would KO Erin in boxing or kickboxing, regardless of the size difference, no offense at all to Erin

I do think Erin is good, and I'd put money on her to stop Ali

Rock and Roll High School is in Jersey, I believe, and the late Joey Ramone was principal for several years..........

El Guapo, if you don't think Erin is the best MMA female fighter then who is? Erin beat who was IMO the best female mma competitor Marloes Coenon and she KO'd her in 27 seconds!!!! The last KO I seen in 27 seconds was Matsunori Suda's punches to Egan Inoue's head and it wasn't very pretty. So really I would like to know who you think is the best female MMA fighter in this sport because it looks to me like Erin just took the best one down to the number two spot.

Also to say Erin is not a top boxer is plain ignorant. Do you guys even know what you're talking about? Erin is ranked #1 for WIBA, #2 for IFBA, and the GBU intercontinental super middle weight CHAMP and if you go to and click on ratings its clear as day.

When Erin fought Frazier it was a no contest against Frazier and if any of you go to boxrec and aren't blind you would see that also.

Sumya Anani would KO her in a boxing match badly. Ann Wolfe would KO her also. Of course these are female boxers, and I am talking about boxing.

Admittedly, I am not as familiar with female MMA fighters.

Right on to you, SEXZ. You nailed the correct, but dont bother telling people who never graduated highschool to's like playing cards with my sisters kids.

"Lucia is a bit too long in the tooth at 37 and way too small as a junior welter. She was quite an acclaimed kickboxer too and took on male fights as well to a bad result. And Erin is just too big and strong for her I think. But you never know someone who has KO power like Lucia can never be doubted too much"

Couture is 41, you know. I am well familiar with Lucia's kickboxing career; I have almost all of her matches on tape, and many of her boxing matches too. If Rjiker were to ever fight Toughill or Ali, I'd bet money on Rjiker by KO in either case. Its not just the power; Lucia has much better technique than 90% of the women out there too. Again, no disrespect to Erin at all, but Rjiker is just much much better than any other woman fighter out there right now

Erin was schooling Frazier until the "accidental" headbutt. Frazier pulled an old trick out and headbutted Erin when she knew she was out classed and boxed.