Tour De France Sign Lady Signing Out

God, people are fucking stupid.

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The tour says they are going to sue her to make an example.

Maybe they should have better controls in place during their events.


Direct translation from German, you say? “Allez” is French. Opi und Omi are German colloquial.

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Probably, 1 charge of assault for every rider that fell over lol…

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It happens all the time. Not sure ive ever seen it this bad though.

Sure it wasn’t malicious, but suing is certainly appropriate.

Tour De France suing her is so it acts as a deterrent. They said as much. They should also put up barriers, TBH.

Jasha Sütterlin had to withdraw from the race due to a wrist injury he suffered from the crash. Him and his team (Team DSM) have a valid claim against the woman since they suffered quantifiable damages.

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He should’ve punched her in the head, maybe he still falls but at least he gets a good lick in.

Pileups happen, fan interference happens… this is the most egregious incident I’ve seen combining those 2 elements.

I understand banning her from race spectating for life, I understand making her pay damages. Not sure an arrest is necessary though, it wasn’t malicious and the rider fell like a bitch (guy’s supposed to be a professional bike rider, I could’ve survived that hit when I was 12 years old).

I agree she should be liable for damages and that criminal charges are a bit much in this case.

I read the criminal charges would equate to nothing more than a fine

seems more an issue of TDF responsibility of Crowd Control. She could probably counter sue them for not protecting her if they wish to make such a stink of it

I agree and this response would have been more appropriate in keeping with the tradition of the TDF than this Nancy Suing/Arresting nonsense


Crowd control is literally impossible in a venue like the TDF, you crowd control by punishing idiots like this.


It looks like the edge of the board, meaning the only direction in which it’s at all rigid, perfectly hit his left arm and handlebar and pushed them outward, causing his wheel to suddenly change (yaw? I think that’s the axis) angle. With so many people so tightly packed in the peleton, the result was what we saw.

don’t marathons employ crowd control?

It’s more an issue that this is part of the Tradition of the TDF and what makes it exciting. This Fan/Crash gave the TDF its yearly dose of drama, without which, casual fans would not be watching and so less $$$$

are they also going to arrest Peter Sagan for his blatant knocking into and endangering Caleb Ewan during that sprint finish? I think NOT…it’s all part of the drama and excitement!

2 words… electric fence!

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not for the entire route no, and then consider that tour de france stages are several times longer than marathons… it is economically unfeasible to secure the entire route.