Tournament prep questions

8 weeks till tournament, and I am 183. I want to roll at 174. How soon should I start cutting weight?

Start cutting now it will get easier as it gets closer to your tourny. Plus you will be heavy for your division so thats an advantage. Good luck, what tourny is it?

Roc is right. Get the weight off and get used to how it feels.

Good luck.


Thanks guys, its my first one, the Copa Pacifica.

Any suggestions on prep are appreciated, I might be overlooking something.




Are they doing Copa in HB again this year?

Another thing is be prepared for your grip and forearms to be fried after your first match, mine went nuts after my first match (also my first tourny, newbie all the way). Good luck.

I think it's in HB, or Costa Mesa. Cleber hasn't updated his site yet.


Good Luck