Tournament team titles

Like when does it not come down to how many people from a school decided to pay and sign up? It’s like a turnout award. 


Not referring to major ones that have qualifiers. 

When gold is worth 9 points, silver 3, and bronze 1 you still gotta win more than just enter.
But brute force numbers also helps.

My kids get frustrated. We are a small school and not affiliated with a major team. We have 24 kids in our kids class and frequently show up to tournaments with 14-18 kids.

Our kids are scrappy, and tough, and train really hard. They always do well in their respective divisions and come home with medals and belts and swords...

But they can never win a team trophy. It's, for the most part, mathematically impossible. I sat and figured it out once. Even if every kid(24 in class)participated in the same tournament, and all took gold in gi and no gi(yeah right!), we still couldn't crack top 5 behind the juggernauts that are Gracie Barra, Alliance, Check Mat, etc. that show up with sheer numbers.

But I'm glad that a lot of kids are doing jiu jitsu. It's excellent for the sport.


Like I used to say in wrestling when I coached,  who cares about a team title. The team is great but YOU are out there on your own.  Go get some. If ever one of my kids do well to the best of their ability, and some medal, great.  The schools and teams know who the real powerhouses are.  I know I did, regardless of the team standing. When I coached wrestling, I knew a team that had 7 individual state champions but did not win the team title.  The other team put so many on the backside to score points that they won the team title. So I don't put much stock in it.

You still need to win, look at pan results. Atos took first with less competitors than checkmat, alliance & GB

honestly I wish they would do away w team titles as its a numbers game 

Some organizations give out Academy trophies in addition to Team trophies.  This helps the individual academy be recognized for their hard work.  IBJJF should follow suit