Tournament ? Why the water?

I've noticed on here before when people were asking for tips about an upcoming tournament, many times their first tournament, people always advise them to drink plenty of water the day before the tournament. What are the particular reasons for this advice? Thanks in advance!


A couple reasons I can think of,

(a) if you have to cut weight it helps to be hydrated!

(b) you dont want to dehydrate during or after your matches as it may stop you from continuing and/or make you feel like shit..

if you drink plenty of water you can easily piss yourself when you get choked out!

Water is the source of life.

LOL @ the last 2!

I thinks its a good idea to drink a lot of water all the time, not just on days you're training or competing.

Yeah, I agree, I've already cut a couple of pounds of just water weight. I guess I was just wondering if the water was doing anyting else...


The reason is to ensure that you maintain adequate hydration. Drinking plenty of water the day prior to a tournmanent will assist in the prevention of dehydration during the following day's activities.

K, cool... thanks guys.


Here's the medical reasoning:

Why Is Fluid Intake So Important?
Athletic performance can decline as much as 10% with as little as 1% body fluid lost. i.e., A 200 lb. athlete only has to lose 2 lbs. of body fluid for a 10% performance decline to occur.

Every 2.2 lbs. of water lost during exercise results in the following:

1. Heart rate increases eight beats per minute - With an elevated heart rate the body has to exert more energy to do the same job.

2. Cardiac oxygen output declines by 1 liter a minute - This means less oxygen is going to the person's muscles which can lead to a decrease in athletic performance.

3. Core temperature increases .3 degrees Celsius - When the body experiences this rise in temperature it has to work harder to cool down. In an effort to cool down, the body pulls fluids away from the working muscles and redistributes the fluids to vital organs. Since muscular movement is dependent on the presence of water, low concentrations of water in the muscles can cause muscle weakness and loss of the critical control needed by an athlete for peak performance.

Here's the source:

I must admit that this question helped me to learn. I always figured that the anxiety of competing caused the dehydration. I wanted to do my homework before replying and I could find no data citing a connection between Anxiety and Dehydration.


Good info Tim

Yes, thanks bro. That's excellent info to know.