Tournaments for Newsletter??

I will soon be sending out the January American Sambo Association e-newsletter. If you have a tournament you would like listed (free of charge - Judo, Sambo, grappling, any location, whatever) or just want to recieve the newsletter, drop me a line with any info you have. When compiled, the complete list will also be listed on

Have a great New Year!

Stephen Koepfer

No problem! Youre on the list.

me too please

done :o)

Would you please add me:

Good to go suplexman

great newsletter, keep it up


great newsletter, keep it up.


Thanks! It is our 8th one and they keep growing each month. Feel free to forward it and spread the word.


Add me?

Please add me.

Thanks, Pete Pelter

I will add you guys tonight. To everyone else, please e-mail me with your requests to be on the mailing list. It is much easier for me to keep track.