Tournies in early spring?

Hey guys. I haven't competed in about a year, but am looking to get
back on the mat. Does anybody know of any fairly good size (gi)
tournaments in March sometime? I know the Arnolds is around then,
but it's always a mess organizationally, so I'd rather skip it.

Any ideas?

Thanks guys.




Nobody has any idea?


At least try and throw me a ttt, please.


NAGA worlds are in the second week of March in New Jersey.

naga is the way to go but expensive

How big will the purple belt divisions be? I'd like to have the
opportunity for multiple matches. Thanks guys.


Any other tournies?


Are you close to Toronto? There is one in January, and maybe March and April.

No, dude, I'm in Colorado. But there aren't that many tournaments
around here, and I'm a purple, so I figure I'll have to travel to really get
some matches. Who's holding the TO tournies? I'd consider going, if
they were fairly large, and would have purple divisions.


Whoops sorry I thought u were on the East Coast b/c the other members were mentioning NAGA.

But anyway for you or others who are interested

January is GTA Submission Challenge

March is 2005 Canadian Pro-Ams - no-gi only though

April there is a tournament held by Bravado (

Hello Greggie,,,,,,just noticed you mentioned your from Colorado, how is the Grappling Scene out there. Are there lots of schools? I run Grapplmania which is tournament circuit based out of NC, i have held serval sucessful events here in NC, the past few years. Starting in 2005 i will be holding events in other states. My first event will be in Seattle, WA. I am currently looking for other places thru out the country to put on some events. How do you think a grappling tournament would do in Colorado? Just curious.

Thanks Grapplemania


You'd have to draw from other states, the grappling scene isn't huge.
They are a few really good schools, but If you want a big crowd, you'd
have to get people to travel. There are a bunch of good judo schools,
so if you could figure out a way to draw them out you might do okay.


Champions Challenge is in Auburn Hills MI March 20, 2005.