Town of Ludlow recognizes Gonzaga

Be on the lookout for my latest article on Gabriel Gonzaga, to be running in Wednesday's editions of The Springfield (Mass.) Republican. Tonight, I covered him receiving a citation from the Ludlow Board of Selectmen recognizing his UFC achievements. Marco Alvan's Team Link also received their NAGA gi division world championship trophy from Kip Kollar.

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greattt news!

The Springfield (Mass.)

Im from Springfield Mass , Basketball Hall of fame ! TTT and Gonzaga is a beast.

Good stuff.

Very cool, TTT

Thanks Jason, I just sent you a email,ok?

Thanks to stop by tonight and I will see you soon.

Wait, there's a Republican in Massachusetts? That's a first!

cool ttt

Here's the link to my Gonzaga article from yesterday

HKP yo where in Springfield are you from i am from Springfield too.