Toxic Cleansing

Has anyone ever done any type of toxic cleanse be it, a liver cleanse, kidney cleanse, colon, intestinal or any other kind. If so what were the results. I have read a bit on the net and the testimonials are interesting. Pros and cons please. I think it makes sense to do a flush at least once a year but have yet to try. Also, please name your product of choice as well. Thanks

Quackery.  Your body has means to deal with low levels of 'toxins' (I love how that word is thrown around by the quacks).

About the only thing that wouldn't be bad as long as you're careful, would be a 24 hour fast every once in a while.  But even that's debatable at best as far as being a true detoxifying process.  But at least you're not overstressing your kidney and/or liver with some snake oil potion.

A good rule of thumb is that if someone who claims to be a Dr. tells you that you're full of toxins but he can sell you something to help (I'm sure he has testimonial after testimonial, too), don't walk, run the other way.

This is a pretty easy one to deal with, if you follow the great advice of Richard Feynman-

"The first ... has to do with whether a man knows what he is talking about, whether what he says has some basis or not. And my trick that I use is very easy. If you ask him intelligent questions--then he quickly gets stuck. It is like a child asking naive questions. If you ask naive but relevant questions, then almost immediately the person doesn't know the answer, if he is an honest man."

o The Meaning of it All, pg. 65

So, the first thing you should ask is- what are these toxins I'll be cleaning? Specifically. Surely they've been identified in labs and their chemical composition/origin/behavior documented right?

Wrong. They're just pulling it straight out of their asses.

OK, cool. Something to think about. How about Parasites? Any opinions on these little critters that may be inside our bodies?

BTW I agree with you in that our bodies have the ability to detoxify and heal itself. I am just looking for opinions. Thanks

if our bodies (and, progressively, the bodies of pretty much every animal) didn't have an amazing capacity to take care of itself, we wouldn't be here discussing this.

Parasites- same question. What are they? Where do they come from? This should have even MORE info available, since parasites are quite a bit bigger than your average toxic substance (by a few orders of magnitude).

Bottom line: Unless you have a SPECIFIC problem with a toxic substance in your body, like heavy metal poisoning for example, don't worry about it. And unless you have a tapeworm, or that fish that swims up your dick, or a leech attached to your leg, or something like that, I wouldn't worry about parasites either. The people offering to treat this non-existant shit are there to take your money, and that's it.

I believe your liver, kidney and asshole do a pretty good job.

generally it requires your body to gather a lot of energy to remove waste products from the system, no matter if its done naturally or by increasing it artificially.
too much is just never good, best time for something like that would be spring time, helps ins reducing the effects of allergies and the like.
so unlike you don
t take to heavy medications, drink too much or do drugs, no way youd need to get rid of too much.
(different if you suffer from radiation damage, which i hope you don

I tried a high fiber cleanse before that was designed to get rid of the excess fecal matters and other "toxins" inside the intenstine.

I am not a scientist so I do not know how it worked exactly, but I do know that I no longer had the stomach problems I used to have after I went on it. I also lost 10 lbs in 5 days from doing it.

Your body is a self-healing organism. Hans Selye's work with regard to the body's adaptation to stress proves this.

I am ignorant to the many "cleansing" programs being marketed these days because I am not into fads.

I always lecture my patients on the 6 facets of health (proper nutrition, exercise, posture, rest, positive mental attitude and healthy nervouse system) and provide them with simple ways to improve their health.

Best of luck in your quest for great health!

interesting 6 facets of health. I think I do most of them except maybe for posture (what is the best posture to have? how about if you are too tired to even sit up right?) and healthy nervous system since I am not exactly sure what that means. Just wondering, what are the ways to get a healthy nervous system?

I'm curious about that too, Tech.

I tried doing these flushes & didn't notice a damn thing.

Jack Carter, how long did you try it? I heard after several days some hard dark stuff can come out.

Like in these pictures:

Those are probably extreme cases.

I'm considering trying this, i've never gone hungry a single day in my life... with exception of boot camp. Imagine crapping out some large black of lump of who knows what. I would have it varnished and show to all my friends and family... look what I did!

There's nothing hiding in your gut. If you had problems with 'toxins' you'd have specific symptoms depending on what the toxins are. If you actually had stuff blocking your works up, you'd be in intense pain.

Just saw this on the site posted by Franklyn:

"When cleaning that hardened fecal matter out of the colon, it's not normal tissue underneath; it's infected, pus-filled, irritated, possibly has carcinogenic tissue there. That's the importance of doing an intestinal formula that has cayenne in it to stop bleeding."

On a dare, I once ate a heaping tablespoon of powdered cayenne pepper. Two days later, all my poop came out looking like it had been burned in the oven.

i believe/do/recommend cleanses of all kinds.  whats your questions? 

some sites for you:

And this one is a 20 or so page article on detoxing:

Question? Where is the reputable evidence of them doing anything? Better question, where is the reputable evidence of anything in your body that needs to be cleansed? And don't link me to Dr. Weil. I'm sure, if it concerns toxins and your health, you'll be able to find it in a scientific toxicology journal, right?


From BBC News last week:

Detox Diets 'Don't Work'

Tuesday January 3, 01:07 PM

Detox diets are a waste of time and money, a new study has found.Books proclaiming wonder cures for Christmas excesses are trading on people's ignorance of how the body works.Instead they are better off investing in a few early nights, drinking plenty of water and eating healthily.

The research, Making Sense of Chemical Stories, was carried out by leading scientists and toxicologists.

They found that most of the pills, juices, teas and oils sold for their detoxifying effects have no scientific foundation for their claims.

They do not increase the rate at which toxins are expelled from the body.

"The detox fad is an example of the capacity of people to believe in (and pay for) magic despite the lack of any sound evidence," said Martin Wiseman, Visiting Professor of Human Nutrition at the University of Southampton.

Other researchers said that "detox" was a scientifically worthless term.

"The concept of detox is a marketing myth rather than physiological entity," said Catherine Collins, chief dietician at St George's Hospital Medical School in London.


here is one on a chemical used in dry cleaning from an article on the NY department of Health:  Some of this PERC is stored in the body (for example, in fat, liver, and brain) and some is broken down in the liver to other compounds and eliminated in urine. PERC can also be found in breastmilk

This particular chemical says that it will leave your body in a few weeks with no exposure. (sure it will)  But even if it does that still doesnt count for the numerous chemicals that dont.

this one is from the Natural Resource Defense Counsel.  I dont know if thats one of my crazy holistic/organic/natural organizations but here is what they said.

Hazardous chemicals can enter a living creature in several ways, including breathing, swallowing and absorption through the skin. Once inside, chemicals are either excreted, metabolized into less harmful compounds or stored in the body. Those that are stored are said to "persist," which is what the organochlorines that are the focus of these pages do; they seek out and attach themselves to fatty tissues. The eventual buildup of these chemicals is called bioaccumulation. Over time, the organochlorines can bioaccumulate to concentrations far greater than any concentrations in the environment.

I found more but i wanted to only put stuff that addressed chemicals being stored in your body.  I found one from the New England Journel of Medicine that covers a study on cancer and shows that genetics have little to do with cancer and that enviromental factors are the real cause.  They dont go into what "enviromental factors" are but it shows that the things we put in us do effect us.  And as the above links show some of these things stay in us.