Toy Shopping with Josh Barnett

Three moderators of the Japan Forum (Gryphon, Circus, dragonhead) and several Japanese fans had a toy shopping tour with Josh Barnett today.



(@ Chinese Restaurant)

(@ Underground Station)



(@ Akihabara Department Store)

(@ Akihabara Department Store)

PHOTOS by Dragonhead

As you see, he was like a kid in a candy store.

It was so fun that I forgot to take many pictures. Thank you, Josh!!!

holy shit, somebody's lost some weight!!!

Took the words right outta my mouth. Man - he looks super small.....I wonder what his weight dropped to?

Cool pics tho' - Thanx Dragonhead

Josh is WAY cool!


I think that's Josh's skinny little brother. :)

Those shots are great :-)

Josh really looks great! He has really trimmed up. Cool pics!

Thanks josh and everybody else! I really appreciate this opportunities.



PS: Josh even asked why I came up with this name, Circus. Well, its now a secret only between us ;)

ttt for the *real* UFC heavyweight champion

Thanks a million Dragonhead you provide the forum with some really nice stuff. Josh seems like he is a real fun guy personality wise. Hard to get a feel for what a fighter is really like outside the ring when that is all you see.

He's also looking real sharp focusing on serious cardio, hard to say how big or small he is without knowing his height, i'd be curious to know how much he weighs now.


Josh is a great guy (and a huge Anime geek)

TTT For the real UFC Champion. and Number 1 Heavyweight..:)


dragonhead rocks again! ttt

Thanks, and Elvis is WAY correct!!

That food looks fucking grubbin!!

Awesome pics

josh is lookin alittle skinny.

Josh is skinny.

he does look like he's lost a lot of weight

he has alot of cool shoes too!