Tra Tellingman, underrated?

I haven't seen great deal of his fights, but he does looke like he's got good hands. What do you guys think?

I'd like to see him fight some top ten guys to see.

I think he might beat a lot of them.

He's got GREAT hands - watch his win over Vovchanchyn in Pride 13!

Seems like a cool guy too. Did you have any last comments before we say goodbye?

Tra Telligman: Yeah, man, about John. I don't know John, but I heard good things about him and I respect the guy. I wish him the best man. I hope we have a good fight and nobody gets hurt. And I hope that he fights to the best of his ability and I fight to the best of mine and the best man wins.

ttt for Tra

Underrated, he's got great hands and is exciting to watch. I'd like to see him fight more often, which we hopefully will now.

they are betting on Tre to beat Marsh a small bit.

I was sitting fourth row back when he fought Rizzo. He was beating Rizzo and if not for the bad cut would have won that fight.

"Rizzo's surgical attack split him open like a cantalope"

Did you see the fight?

I had no idea how good Tra had become until I saw his fight with Rizzo. All I can say is WOW! His f-ing hands are a thing of beauty!

Yeah, his first fight with Rizzo he blew his wad throwing bombs. He was doing good he just punched himself out then Rizzo took advantage!

Tra's best moments are him being KO'd. Badly.

You damn people anyway! Tra is a badass so give him his credit!

He doesn't fight enough. He's had wins with HUGE momemntum and he wastes it doing pro boxing at the state fair. If he's bummed out about that last fight wiht Rizzo, he's crazy. He has Rizzo's number and Rizzo got LUCKY.

When Rizzo is shooting for takedowns, that should tell you something. Rizzo may have won, but he took a beating and was well on his way to POSSIBLY losing that fight. And I'm glad to see Tra back, he always come to bang and the UFC could use a solid heavyweight like him.

very much so, i think tre def has the best hands in the UFC HW div. I'd love to see him win a few and get a title shot. I know he's not the best fighter out there, but he's got a big heart and capable of knocking any one out.

"What does it say that a sub-D level boxer is considered to have great hands for MMA?"

Having great hands for boxing and MMA are different! Tre has solid hands BUT also has wrestling, kickboxing, and submission fighting skills that allow him to open up more. Duane Ludwig has amazing stand-up and terrific hands, but a lot of good it did when BJ Penn took him down in the first 2 seconds of their fight. The fact that Tre is multifaceted allows him to do things differently and therefore be labeled as having good hands....because he gets the chance to use 'em. Tre got jacked by Belfort's punching ability and made it a mission to never let that happen again and he succeeded.

Tre is always tough, he seems to gas very quickly though.. hopefully his conditioning is much better...