Tracy Lee gets motorboated by Jake Shields

that was no motor boat id have done a lot more

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Just saw her on Bumble unless it’s a catfish but looked legit

Probably legit. I matched with her on Tinder a few years back when I was living in Diamond Bar CA, was hoping to smash haha.

Think she’s up in NorCal now, she sure does love guns

She gave free stuff away all the time on here.

They love to suck dick.

But you know what they say about a guy with his tongue pierced?

They also love to suck dick.

Jake couldn’t get out of those titties fast enough lol

I haven’t heard her name in years. Met her at a few fight afterparties back in the day. She was very friendly and could carry a convo. I only knew her from the UG as well. Great cans!