tracy lees offer to click for nudes?

 is a sham!!!!!!

Hah, I haven't clicked.

I keep getting redirected to a photo cache of undressed Barbi dolls with colored contacts

I get tricked about once a month by that link. I forget that I clicked before..or think there may be a update..

 Ban! LOL, ;-)

 I can't believe you guys fell for that crap...........too!

She got me like 10 times with that fucken thing!


why won't anyone take her seriously as a photographer???

But Tracy is a girl and is on the UG.

So she is cool and likes me.

I like her.

Dude I'm fully sleeved and pushing 205 so eaase up there bubs.

Hi Tracy!

Lucky Punch - "why won't anyone take her seriously as a photographer???"

Same reason most people don't take Big Tim seriously....great titsNo disrespect of course

Hey bud ever see the guy with the big arm hanging off the side of the JT as he passes your chevette on the inside?

That's me and get outta my way.


ECWCock -  Every time I click I see 72 nude virgins.

Sounds like you got rickrolled into some terrorist's paradise.

 HA HA HA HA HA!  She's a big jerk!

Raises Hand..... fell for it! LOL.

 I, too, have been had by this despicable ruse.

Damn you, Tracy Lee!

LoL!!! I just found this thread and it was worth the laughs... I think i'm going to change the link daily...

you guys should try clicking it now....

damn i feel for it again.