Traded for Nashville Tele-blonde

According to Serial # it is a 2005.

They were asking $300. They got it in trade and it has a ding on the back.

The mom and pop shop gave me $100 in trade for a peavey Patriot.

I like these pickups

I don't know what the Patriot is. I always wanted a Tele, though. Congrats -- and on the pickups, too!

I think a Peavey Patriot is a bass.

Peavey did have a patriot bass made in the mid to late 1980s but also made patriot guitars during that era. The early ones had 2 super ferrite pickups, a bridge and tone control.

The later guitar model had just one volume knob one bridge humbucker and a whammy ala EVH.

If anyone is looking for a fun, roadworthy usa made bass or guitar for cheap, a patriot bass or guitar is the way to go

Interesting, I didn't know their were guitars too.

Yeah my buddy has a patriot bass. It's not bad at all. Like you said, made in USA and very affordable used.

Where else can you get a usa made bass or guitar for 100 bucks

traded out the stock bridge for a babicz