traded in madden

i hated to do it, but it was the right thing to do. the game was bugged and flawed from the start, and it'll be a while before I buy a madden game again(note:this was my first time since 05)

I ended up getting nhl 09 cuz from what i'm hearing the online play is top notch.

 Apparently you're the only one.

The gameplay in 09 is sick. 

BigKiller -  Apparently you're the only one.

The gameplay in 09 is sick. 

just had too many bad experiences with online play to the point where i would rather just play wii sports instead.........that's bad.

the Madden lock up bug is irritating the hell out of me. I'm just glad I don't pay for games, otherwise, I'd be pissed.

EA is still working out the kinks for the online play in NHL 09. The game is only a week old so hopefully they resolve the major issues soon.

^^^ What kinks are those?

I'm just curious if I'm getting the same bugs, a few things have been annoying me.

The biggest one before was even being able to find a game online. We would be in our club dressing room trying to find a game and be waiting forever to get one. This issue seems to have been resolved.

Now the big issue is once we get the match and get to the screen where we can select jerseys, we get something that is now commonly referred to as the "shit screen" meaning we don't see any of our team mates and the only jerseys we see are Pittsburgh and Detroit.

The other issue, which doesn't happen as often, is not being able to hear someone with a mic. There's been a few games where nobody could hear me or vice versa.

Tyson are you on an EASHL team? If not, join the OG team :)

Ahhh yes, the "shit screen" as you put it. I get that really often.

Unfortunately I'm already on a team with some of my friends. Thanks for the offer though:) If our team doesn't work out I will come knocking!