Trading Card/German Wrestling News

The 2009 Tri-Star TNA trading card set has been released.

TNA will be giving six German wrestlers tryout matches when TNA tours Germany later this month. Those tryout matches will be:

* 09.25.09, Nürnberg: Absolute Andy vs. Murat Bosporus
* 09.26.09 Chemnitz: Steve Douglas vs. Absolute Andy
* 09.29.09 Dortmund: "Bad Bones" John Kay vs. Karsten Kretschmer
* 09.30.09 Hannover: Axel Dieter Junior vs. Murat Bosporus

The new Tristar TNA "iMPACT!" 2009 trading cards are now on sale.

This all-new set features the TNA debut cards of newcomers Tara, Taz, Bobby Lashley, Brutus Magnus & Hamada, autographed cards from 60+ TNA stars, "Kiss Cards" from the Knockouts of TNA, and more.

Cool that they're adding a lot of international talent.

I just wish they wouldn't relegate them to the low-mid card like WCW used to do with its international guys.