Trading Seminars...

Has anybody else ever done this? I did it for a while where i would invite an instructor to my Dojo who would give a seminar and he would later have me do something at his Dojo...

I find it helps promote a brotherhood between Martial Artists as well as create the open minded mentality that is lacking so very badly nowadays...

havent done it.. but it sure sounds like a good idea.. im sure my pals and i from here will do it once we all have our own clubs.

The PNW Yudanshakai has been doing a once a month open workout that is hosted by different clubs. Basically not so much a seminar as a joint workout.

joint workout sounds good too....

We used to do them in Louisiana, joint workouts that is. We'd have an instructional seminar and drills, then randori.

It was good, but the distances involved made it a bit tough.

Ben R.

im sure the gators didnt help any either.

Not to mention the voodoo zombies. Up here the only danger is Bigfoot.

I do this regularly at my school. About every six weeks or so. It is a great bridge builder and excellent for the students (and the teacher too!). I opened my school just over a year ago and it has been one of the highlights for us. We have since developed a reciprical relationship with a few of these schools where students can cross train free of charge (on an occasional basis).

"im sure the gators didnt help any either."

Yeah, it's reeeeaaaall scary paddling a pirogue from New Orleans to Baton Rouge through the swamp!

Ben R.

SamboSteve..great..that's what i'm talkin about...create some sense of unity...i'm just so sick of the politics..i did the exchange thing for a while too and got great results.