Trading Simulator with charting ..

I'm looking for a trading (futures, stocks, etc) simulator that has a charting service. Or maybe a charting service that has a trading simulator ... ;-)

I need a charting program that will help me perform an analysis of the charts - using trend lines and price/volum calculations.

I want to back test my hypotheses and run simulated trades in real time (or 15 minute delayed).

Does anyone know of a web based service that offers these programs and data?


Thanks Gordon, TradeStation looks phenominal. I was using Interactive Brokers and eSignal, and they don't compare with TradeStation.

Now just to see if they can take Canadian customers :-)

This deserves another thank you.

I've been reading the promotional material and I can't beleive what this program will do. Unbeleivable.

Thanks again Gordon.


I use TS2000i and it's great tool however it has some bugs and limitations (no portfolio testing which is crucial so You have to use excel or Rhina which I don;t have)

I am switching to Wealth-Lab as it gives me better backtesting language. BUT it has a bug with intraday data, at last with intraday Forex data.

Don't bother with Metastock, it's a crap



Thanks Manara I'll check out Wealth Lab tonight.