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Traditional Karate had a mystique and was the rage 30 years ago. But here's a weird question, I understand soociety as a whole has gotten more violent, but in the mid-60's to the early 80's, NYC's Times Square qas a veritible hell on earth of Herin, prostitution and violent crime. It was one of the most embarrassing potmarks in US history.

And your life was worth 10 cents if you got caught in the wrong situation. (Death was common place) Today, its become a corporate playground and has been Cleaned up. (Okay, no crime, but I trust the corporate clowns as far as I can throw them. They were the same people who owned all the porn real estate!)

Anyway, how was it that people saw traditioanl training methods as effective in such an insanely violent era, but many have lost faith in them now?

Was it psychological? Belief in mystique? Elemnet of surprise?


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FOrget Times square as an example and let's keep the question generic...

Violence has changed in many ways. The murderers get younger & younger, media and games have desensitized many to the grim facts & acts of violence. Over population makes the street more crowded and survival of the meanest prevails in a concrete jungle.

So are times different? Primitive man vs. modern man?

A murder is a murder if you're the one being murdered. Whether you looked at the wrong caveman sideways or flipped a finger to the wrong nut on an LA freeway, the result was the same: violence.

Now specifically to your quesiton, I think there are a bunch of really poor defintions of what 'traditional' is. I am a traditionlist, but I am compared to an antiquated defintion. [Read the interview recomended thread, actually go to the interview].

It's not that they lost faith, but that many cling to methods that do not address the changing times. AT one point in martial lore, the Sword was king, when the musket was invented, a lot of die-hards died hard!

Adapt or perish.


"AT one point in martial lore, the Sword was king, when
the musket was invented, a lot of die-hards died hard!

I this hour of the morning, these things are

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