Traeger or Weber?

Saw a thread on Traeger recipes and it brought me to this question: Traeger or Weber/charcoal smoking?

I have never been a fan of the concept of pellet smokers and the set it and forget style of smoking/grilling.

To me nothing beats a good ol fashioned Weber. Other types are fine as well like the Green Egg or kamado style grills. My point being that pellet smokers are like using an oven, while using charcoal is what makes grilling/smoking an art form.

The original Turkey on the Weber thread on here is what made me an ultimate fan of the weber and have never looked back.

What say the OG??

I am a Weber kettle guy. I do a lot of high or medium heat fast grilling.

pellet grills are great, but don't buy a new traeger.  they've been ruined by the private equity groups that have at least twice purchased them.  they're crap now.