Trailer for the new Hellraiser movie just dropped!

Remaking Event Horizon with full hell scenes might be a good idea.


It actually looks good you know…

Pinhead is the only reason the first (and arguably second) Hellraiser are any good. No one cares about the other Cenobites or even really the actors opposite pinhead. Doug Bradley is the guy that played him and he is the actor that makes the character interesting.

Skinny tranny Pinhead? Probably not going to be any good, his acting is far too wooden. They should have brought the OG Pinhead back, he is still alive and could have done it…


While Pinhead is goat i was always fascinated by them all, just seeing all the new fucked up imagery they could come up with.

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The Cenobites are the epitome of depravity. And in the novella, ‘Pinhead’ was androgynous with such extreme sexual mutilations and body modifications, the character Frank couldn’t determine the sex. So, I can get into this if it’s done right.

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Looks promising

So in prep for this i re-read Hellbound Heart and am like halfway through Scarlet Gospels. If the new movie is any good i hope they would make a series out of that shit.

I find your sarcasm amusing considering the meltdown some of you bozos have had with a black Little Mermaid

I think from what has been posted on threads on this reboot before, the original source material for Pinhead had him/her/it/whatever you want to call it as some sort of androgynous being. Definitely not male per se.

The most hardcore of hellraiser fans seemed to like the choice. That being said, the casting also could’ve been made solely for work purposes, and the project may prove to suck ass. We’ll see. I think the trailer looked pretty good though

So after I saw the trailer, I started reading the comic books.

In the comics, the girl from hellraiser 1 ( Kristy?) eventually trades with Pinhead to be the new ruler of the cenobites. I don’t want to ruin it for you guys as it’s quite a good build up to that point.

The non spoiler ish explanation is she keeps running into deviants that should be punished in the real world and brushing up against aspects of that hell dimension.

Eventually she decides that she wants to met out punishment to those who deserve it while Pinhead has remembered his formee life and seeks redemption. She offers the trade and Leviathan accepts.

So this female in the movie could be following the comic book cannon, which would be bad fucking ass.

Well, it’s not about the tranny or whatnot. Just that the lines do not seem near as good as the ones from I & II. It sounded memorable to you? The camera work seems very good but the sound is meh

In Hellbound Heart it states the voice is that of an excited girl, in Scarlet Gospels(which im reading now) even when Clive writes Pinhead as a male character all the other characters in the book state that Pinhead is so disfigured that you can’t tell one way or the other.

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I’d tend to agree.

First one was slow and kind of dull, 2nd one had no plot.

Just watched the trailer again and didn’t like the CGI chains that much. Ruins it for me if it’s going to be relying on the virtual more than the real as it spoils the illusion.

Also at 41 seconds the guy bizarrely falls backwards but the chain pulling him from the back of his leg should make him fall forward logically?

Despite these minor issues this is probably the first reboot I’ve looked forward to since the new Star Trek film in 2009.