Trailer Park Boys Fans: The drinking game

I came up with this a few years ago. It was only played once due to about 1/3 of the participants puking.

It is a simple game.

  1. You watch Trailer Park Boys with your friends(or alone if you are a loser aka member of the OG).

  2. Take a drink of what ever alcoholic beverage is in your hand any time a character on the show says “f$ck” or any variation of the word.

  3. You owe 2 drinks everytime f$ck is said if you are out of the room or don’t have an open beverage in hand.

  4. Take 2 drinks if you ,yourself, say the word f$ck.

This sounds like an easy game but be warned the one and only time I saw it played was at a gathering of veteran members of -The Buffalo Club-. A handful of worthy drinkers vomited.

Does anyone else have any drinking games they and their friends have made up over the years?

I have a few more. I spent my 20s wrestling at JC and playing semipro football. So basically all of my friends are degenerate, alcoholics with little money and a penchant for drinking challenges. This led to many drinking games being created.

What have ye OG? What drinking games have you invented?

  • If you are wondering The Buffalo Club is a drinking club that dates back centuries to the wild west. You can’t join unless two members invite you.
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Ttt kkm morans.

That game is basically “constantly drink”. No fucking way.

But I salute you for dedicating a night to one of the greatest shows ever.

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“I am the liquor.” - Jim Lahey