Trailer Park Boys in Boston, help me find a hotel

Trailer Park Boys show at Citi Center in Boston on Friday December 13th.

There will be 6 of us. What are some good food spots for before the show and some good hotels for after?

Citi Center is located at the Wang theatre in China Town near the Boston Commons.

Anyone else going?

I might go to this. My 21st is the 5th. How much are tickets? Phone Post

just find a busted old car missing a door and make the experience authentic.

I've seen them twice, and I'll keep going every chance I get. Fuckin awesome show. Phone Post 3.0

It'll be my second show. Our tickets were about 60 with tax, but I think there were cheaper ones.

Chinatown is about the only area I'm not really familiar with.

I used to stay at the Hampton Inn out on I think Hwy 1. Youll need a car to get into the city tho.

I love sitting at the bar at the union oyster house to eat in Boston, or head down to Hanover St and find a good italian spot - theres tons there.

I'm trying to find a spot we can park and walk from food to the show and back to the room.

Its a good area. I went to high school 2 doors down from citi center. It was a fucking zoo back then, but the area cleaned up a bit.

My high school became a doubletree hotel. Heard it was nice.

There is a W hotel directly diagonal to wang city center. Seems very nice.

My friend owns abby lane restaraunt across the street from wang. Went about 1 month ago after a Rogan show. Food was awesome. Young, good looking crowd. Would suggest in a heartbeat.

Very few strip joints if going w the guys, but the 2 boston has are both very close by. Phone Post

I've been told walking around the Commons is a pretty good spot to have a pre-show burn? or are we going to get robbed or arrested?

and thanks Choadler - we'll defiantly hit up your buddy's place!

Dmclat - and thanks Choadler - we'll defiantly hit up your buddy's place!

Its got great food (burger was awesome). If you are blazing, be careful near bos common. Usually more than a few cops around. Id say walk down a street and just blaze away.

I will ALWAYS think faneuil hall is very overrated. Its also a place that has a lot of trouble. Dont know how old you are, but im 41. Dont really want to be bar fighting anymore, and there are plenty of young shitheads looking for trouble there.

Area behind fenway (landsdown st) is fun. Phone Post

Holy fuck how do I get tickets for this?

Nevermind. Definitely fucking going.