As an introduction, my name is Robert Drysdale. I am an American born Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu Black Belt that has trained extensively in both the USA and Brazil. I currently live and train in Brazil and teach at my own academy outside of Sao Paulo. I am the current world champion in the black belt heavyweight division. I was the only black belt fighter in Brazil last year to win first place black belt gold medals in both the World Cup (in São Paulo) and the Mundial (in Rio de Janeiro). Additionally, I competed in Abu Dhabi 2005 and the Rickson Gracie Budo Challenge.

Some of my training partners in the USA have included BJ Penn, Steve da Silva, Gustavo Dantas and Tony de Souza. In Brazil I am a member of the Brasa competition team and train extensively with Leozinho Vieira, Ricardo Viera, Marcel Louzada, Demian Maia And Comprido. I have also trained in Brazil with Terere, Telles, and André Galvão at TT.

I have a fully furnished house across the street from my academy that is equipped especially for visitors from other countries that want to take their jiu-jitsu game to the next level. This program is designed to offer you everything you need to make your stay in Brazil perfect. You can train as much as you want six days a week with the best in the world. I can accommodate all skill levels. If you are just starting out in the sport and you want to come learn the basics this would be a great opportunity to get a solid foundation in the sport. Conversely, maybe you are already a high level player and you are looking refine your technique and train with the brown and black belts.

Also, if you don't speak Portuguese no need to worry. I was born in the United States and completed college coursework there. I speak perfect English and Portuguese so we will have no problems communicating.

If this sounds interesting please contact me:

Phone: 011 5511 9614-4815


More information is at the following websites:


Heard great things about you Robert.


Great fighter with a great idea. I'll be in S.P. next year, and will definitely stop by for training. Aloha!

In addition to being one of the best on the mat, Robert is by far one of the coolest guys Ive met in the sport.

Pra cima...

sounds cool

TTT for an amazing deal.

ttt great


Makes me want to save some money now.

What about access to hookers?

Robert-Sounds great, My wife is from Sao Paulo and next time I visit our family there I'd like to stop by and train! I'm also good friends of Leozinho and Comprido so hopefully Leo will be in town, I love rolling with him!! Tell him JD from Hawaii said Hello!!!!

Hey Robert, the offer sounds pretty interesting to me, a few questions:

1) The website says "The Price is $200 USD per week" but then says "The price of $150 per week includes 2 meals per day" on the same page. How much is it?

2) Are there many people at a lower skill level to train with? There's no way I can hang with browns and blacks in brasil. Does your school have many white/blue competitors?

3) How safe is it for a blonde-haired, blue-eyed guy who doesn't speak a word of portugese to be in sao paulo?



I will be in touch, as I am currently saving for a trip to Brazil for this exact reason.


How long is this offer good for. I am a poor college student but would love to save up for this.

ttt for this