Train Judo is destroying jonnierockets20



 styles make arguments

ad homonim arguments don't win fights-cecil peoples

DamnSevern is correct. 

If he had chosen me, for instance, we are talking about jonnie being a title contender tomorrow.


DamnSevern -  styles make arguments


you don't go fighting for international bankers if you are the SMARTEST person around. Q is shootin fish in a barrel right now

tex duece was also gettin raped by some kid.

he thought the usa having a war debt of trillions meant they were actually going to pay it.

hows the view from TJ's sack?

Low and slightly to the left.

 Cecil Peoples scored it 30 -27 Trane Judo

NJstileNJ - hows the view from TJ's sack?
I've got a guy that knows a guy should you like to purchase a room with a view there.