Train with Manny Reyes Jr.

Hey just saw this on Manny Reyes Jr's Bulletin on his myspace.
Manny Reyes Jr. Open Training Day
What: Train with Manny Reyes Jr.
Where: Sheraton Convention Center, Miami, Fl 711 NW 72 Ave
When: 5pm
Type of Fighting: Grappling or Kickboxing
Cost: Free
Must Pre-Register
Reply to this Bulletin to get Application.
One Person will get picked to to An Exhibition at the Pan American Internationals Night time show.

his myspace page is


Farts on thread

Heres a chance for all you guys that hate him to go beat him up for Free.


TTT this. Everyone on earth should see it and go there.

He is like signing his own death certificalte.

When was this for? it has a time but no date.

It would be an interesting chance to get to know the guy and his skills.


I hate Manny as much as the next guy... Thatbeing said, I bet he could kick half the asses on this forum...

WHEN WILL THE MADNESS END?!?!?!?! I feel like ive been on crazy pills since before he fought Hermes.


November 3rd

whats up manny


and im not talking about the thread

"I bet he could kick half the asses on this forum..."

Maybe, but I have seen him "fight" and I know that I'm not a member of that half.

I won't speak for the rest of the UG, but there are plenty of people here who would beat his ass.

He just doesn't learn does he? I think I have figured out Manny. He is a masochist. There can be no other reason for his absurd actions....this being the craziest one. Inviting the world to pummel him...for FREE!

damn, too bad I dont live in florida! How fun would that be?