Train with Marcelo Garcia or Rickson Gracie?

Suppose you had the time, and you were given a free private but had to choose between Marcelo and Rickson.

Who would you choose?


Marcelo of course.

Rickson. You u picked Marcelo, why not just take a bus to NYC Phone Post

Rickson. I feel that he is correct in anything on paper related to MMA and grappling.

Rickson has done a great job training Kron to get to the elite level. 

sebastard - The reason I pick Rickson, is because everyone I know that has taken one of his seminars has been completely blown away by his ability to take a fundamental, 'basic' aspect of your game, that you thought you knew, and take it to a completely different level. Also, he is way less accessible than Marcelo for privates.

Marcelo is an absolute jiu jitsu genius and I love his game, but I think it's HIS game yano? I don't think a lot of the things he does work particularly well for people that aren't Marcelo.

So yeah, I think I'd go with Rickson for unlocking the amazing details that make something like a basic shrimp, something that elevates your game at its core. That, and getting a private with Rickson is a way more elusive endeavor than getting one with Marcelo. IMO.

I'd agree on Rickson being ahead of Marcelo as a teacher. Marcelo may become as great as Rickson as a teacher but its natural that Rickson would be steps head just based on his years of experience.

Rickson! no question.

Rickson by Armbar.

Rickson. The man is 52 and probably armbarred the doctor who delivered him. His knowledge of BJJ is probably 2nd to none and has been a rolling since well before Garcia was even born. He is a true master

Marcelo, he is a legend of BJJ (and has proven in it competition)

 Rickson Gracie for oldschool Jiu Jitsu for real fighting........

Marcelo is already accessible through his academy online.
It is an amazing resource, and I use it everyday to stay current with his NYC class.
Any time I am wondering about something, I just look it up

For privates, I would choose Rickson.
It would be a check on my bucket list, and my I'm certain it would turn my basics into real weapons.

Black belts rush to get into a Rickson seminars... and when they leave...they are blown away.

Only if you are young and dont really know rickson or BJJ would you pick Marcelo. Even Marcelo would tell you to go to a rickson seminar over his own.

Marcelo honestly, and its due to the fact that his heart is still into teaching whereas Rickson's isn't.

Actually, I'd rather train with Kazushi Sakuraba.

Dead Roman - MarceloIs there even any video of rickson grappling? I've seen how good marcelo is, rickson is an unknown. When given the choice I will go with what is known. <img src="/images/phone/post_tag.png" alt="Phone Post" border="0" style="vertical-align:middle;"/>

Well let me just say....There are known knowns. These are things we know that we know. There are known unknowns. That is to say, there are things that we know we don't know. But there are also unknown unknowns. There are things we don't know we don't know.

Well Rickson doesn't teach anymore (other than the very occasional seminar) and doesn't do privates.
So if you've got the opportunity and choice of course you should choose Rickson.

Marcelo you can just turn up in NYC and drop into a class so that can wait.

I regret not ever meeting Helio.

Dead Roman - MarceloIs there even any video of rickson grappling? I've seen how good marcelo is, rickson is an unknown. When given the choice I will go with what is known. Phone Post

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actually Rickson does do privates, but he is in brazil and you gotta find him. He mainly does it for friends of his these days, this is what Relson told me last week.