Train wreck: Woodstock 99

Anyone watch this on Netflix. Thoughts?

Overall, I thought it was very good except the end. They cover what happen perfectly But they did nothing to discuss the aftermath. I’d like to hear about if they made money, how many injured and things like this

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Google is your friend!!

Started it last night. Lots of cool footage. I’ve watched a bunch of the performances on YouTube. I can remember it being live on ppv back in 99. Lots of boobies in the crowd, looked like an awesome time. No cell phones. Totally different energy from 69. LSD in 69 and cocaine and mushrooms in 99. The 69 crowd look like a bunch of spaced out, pretentious dickheads. The older I get the more I can’t stand hippies. They are exactly the same as today’s hipster crowd.

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I like watching things that only tell me 1/2 the story

Any different than the one that was on HBO Max?

Same thing basiccly. It was hot, shit was expensive, toilets were overflowing, White guys are bad.

LOL@ Rich Vos kicking things off