Trained at Rogers Academy in Londo

Roger wasn't guiding the class (although that was no biggy as it was on saturday and was more or less just a sparring day) - he left this up to a BB called Nick (can't remember his last name).

Great bunch of guys and a really good atmosphere - I sparred with a few blue belts, a purple who's name escapes me and a Brown belt named Ricardo. I really wanted to remember names - but when you're presented with a dozen or so in one go after sparring your recall isn't going to be 100 percent.

They've got a really great schedule but unfortunately for me the number of times I can train doesn't justify the cost. 150 quid a month would be a more than fair price if I was able to train more often, and I just can't afford 18 quid a shot each time I'm able to make it.

My only complaint would be that I didn't meet the "almost as famous as Roger" Jsho...


Jsho's too famous now to meet with every stranger who drops by, you have to book weeks in advance

I wish someone told me that before.

However... I was vaguely aware of some possible secret handshake thing going on and that perhaps if I learned this I would be granted an audience with Lord JSho.

Could anyone else confirm these suspicions?

Your Interweb powers are too low Rob, that's the real reason - sorry to be the one to have to break it to you.


Well I'm just going to have to cry myself to sleep then...


J Sho teaches atemi waza on Saturdays.

hey, first saturday in a while I have missed and Mr Bentley makes an appearance, sorry I missed you.

Glad you had a good time though.

Roger's off preparing for ADCC in NY at the moment but his Dad, Mauricio is taking most of the classes, training with Mo is incredible, proper old school but totally effective techniques.

Pop back down if you get the chance!

How long is Mauricio over for? Will pop down if I get a chance

he's here for a couple of months whilst Roger is in the US.

Well worth coming down even just to be reminded how bad knee on belly can be!

Thanks CockneyBlue

Six and a half years after first experiencing Big Mo's knee on belly the memory is still clear (and painful)

I'm going to pop back down again once I sort out the finances a bit -- but it doesn't look like I'll be able to train there regularly.

I think it would be "good" to experience this dreaded knee on belly, just so I can buy the t-shirt claiming I survived it.

I've been the victim of a good knee on belly before for extended periods of time so I know what to expect somewhat. Also I think the bone and cartalidge in that area has thickened because of repeated abuse... so I'm ready!


U see a new Aussie guy start training there in the past week or so? Chad is his name, new blue belt, maybe low 90kgs? Just wondering how his training is goin over there.

hey rob, i've been in france skiing, sorry I didn't get to meet you. let me know when you are coming again.

18 pounds PER CLASS is insane, especially when there is no option of buying a month-long thing. That's like what? 25-30$ per class?

There are monthly fees - re-read Robert's first post.

ahh ok, i mis-read, thought he was saying that he'd go if he could just pay 150 a month, but that wasn't how it worked. I guess i just decided that was how it was because i remember talking to someone a few years ago who said that there were no monthly fees (in general in London, not just Roger).

monthly is 100 unlimited iirc, 18 is only for walk in.

most clubs do monthly fees/unlimited deals in london afaik.

I was quoted 150 per month but that might be because I was looking at around 3 months instead of a full year.

If I can make it in again I'll give you a shout

see if you'd told them you knew Jsho they'd have quoted the 100 rate!