trained by one trainer for a day

if you could choose a trainer to train with for a single day, who would you choose? pick an old school and a new school coach.

old school: angelo dundee

new school: buddy mcgirt or alton merkerson

Old School: Jack Blackburn

New School: Freddie Roach

old school: Eddie Futch (or do I have to pick someone alive?)

New school: Emanuel Steward (duh)

Was I the only one expecting old school for Martin
to be Charlemange or maybe Milo of the original Olympic games in ancient Greece?

*walks down the the palestra and staps on his helmet and metal laced gloves*

You are going to the reaaaaaaaaaal old days.


old school: I will have to go with Cus D'Amato. I have a lot of respect for that guy.

New school: I will go with Floyd Mayweather Sr.

Freddie Roach or Micky Ward new school

Eddie Futch old school

Gee Martin, really? Let me see...

*sticks neck waaaayy out with chin up*

Eddie Futch worked with me once when I was little.

Blackburn had one hell of a temper and had a drinking problem on top of that. I'm pretty sure he spent time in prison for murder at one point or another. Another thing, that scar on his face wasn't from any shaving accident.

He was a great fighter and an awesome trainer, but I'm the kind of guy that makes a lot of foolish mistakes during training and I'd be too worried about pissing him off with my ineptness. ;)

So I'd have to say...

Old school: Charley Goldman

New school: Freddie Roach