trained for the 1st time yesterday

it was actually last night.  But I went with my roommate.  It was sort-of open mats, so a buddy started me off with some stand-up work-- basic jabs and some defense. 

I wrestled in my youth (I'm 24 now) for abou 6 years, so I think my takedowns and gorund technique are probably decent, although rusty.

I am definitely going to continue, but how long will it take it get into competitions?  Or rather, how long should I wait?

Are their any suggestions as far as cardio work and diet (I'm at about 220 right now and could definitely stand tone up, probably easily drop 15-20lbs) are concerned?

start competing soon. no shame in entering a tournament and losing. its fun and good practice. as far as getting good enough to be competitive, it'll take some time. it depends on how consistently and how hard you train. just keep at it.

it depends on how quick you learn the techniques as far as competition goes. one of the guys i used to grapple with went to a competition and won every match after only about 2 months. he did have a strong wrestling base though.

if you are really serious about training for competition, then cardio work is essential, otherwise, if you train more than 3 nights a week, that in and of itself should be enough.

diet? you're asking the wrong person. just dont eat heavily before a class. maybe a couple bananas or something and some water

thanks for the info.  I am really eager to compete but at the same time am well aware of my lack of experience outside of wrestling. 


Do the tourneys ASAP. As a "senior" member (aka geezer), I can tell you nothing is better than going to a tournament. I'm even crazy enough to leave FL in March to travel up to NJ for one!

Most tourneys do have different divisions based on years training (as well as weight and age), so, in theory, you should be competing against others with the same amount of training although there are the usual sandbaggers!

I'm in Orlando, I trained with Seth Petruzelli ( who is my roommate, Luigi, and Paul --all of Marcio Simas' Orlando gym.  If anyone is fimilar with the Central Floida scene, what are some tournaments in the area?  In talking with Seth, it sounds like Goergia is more fighter freindly??

Good for you, but you need to change your SN now. You can compete early, thats why there are skill levels in sub grappling (i.e. novice, beginner..). Watch out for sand baggers tho...

I too had my first ever formal training session last Wednesday. I am also 24. I went up to the SHARK TANK in Rancho Cucamonga, CA. I got a private/closed session in with J. fletcher. It was mostly grappling, but damn, DyingBreed you are right, my cardio was hurtin'.

Is it smart to train with no insurance? That is the only thing holding me back. Why? Because I eat like a pig, am about 30-40 overweight, have Asthma(w/ no inhaler), smoke herb and the occasional cigarette, and honestly, I don't know if I'm a hypochondriac or what, but my heart beats hella' fast sometimes for no reason. (that worrys me)

I basically took the class because it fell into my hands. I went to get some food, poked my head in the shark tank, the guy asked me some questions, one thing led to another and the next day I had an appointment at 3:30. On my way home I was like, "What the hell did I just get myself into? I know my body ain't ready for this.", but there was no way I was going to back out. So I went anyway. At times I was struggling, feeling real dizzy and my heart was beating hard in my chest. After the sess. I went to the bathroom and threw up all the water I drank during the class.

I know, mentally, I have the creativity and knowledge do be really good in MMA/subGRAPPLING, But I often worry that I have done irrepairable damage physically and won't ever get my lungs back. It made me realise just how in shape these guys are.

Anyhow BenchWarmer, I'm glad to hear you started training and I hope you stick with it. Maybe one day we will cross paths and train together. Good luck and work on that CARDIO man, in the amatuer ranks you will have a huge advantage if you got the fuel. Train hard Bro'.


Where is Shark Tank in Rancho??

I just moved to San Berdoo from OC. Man talk about culture shock! There is ABSOLUTELY NO WHERE to train out here. I work in Rancho. Whats streets?

LOL @ RamK, the name may stick until I get some fights. 

Way, I think my dog (my golden lab) and I may start hitting the streets in the evening.  We walk in the mornings, but walkin ain't gonna do shit.

Anyway, a big thanks to Paul-- I've never trained in boxing at all, and he really did a great job working with me and getting me good basics as far as offense and defense are concerned.

So should I look out for grappling tournaments, just wrestling tournaments (like USA Wrestling), or MMA tournaments?



A lot depends on what you want to do. Wrestling tournaments will help you become a better wrestler (although I don't know of that many here in FL).

Grappling tournaments will let you gauge your grappling techniques. There are quite a few here in FL, specifically NAGA and Grapplers' Quest. GQ just had a tourney down south last weekend; NAGA will have its FL tourney in February (2/5, I believe). Then there are others also both here in FL and throughout the US. (Big Ross has a tourney over in Lakeland every year.)

As for "MMA tournaments", there aren't a lot here in FL that I know of. There are MMA shows (usually down south with ATT or FFA; or over in Tampa; or even up in Jax). Obviously doing a show would help you if you wanted to become more involved in MMA shows (although I'd suggest training more before doing a show).

I'm sure Seth could give you lots more info.

Interestingly enough, I just moved to downtown Orlando and am looking to get (back) in shape through some submission grappling classes. How's Simas'gym?


I've only seen a few professional training gyms, Marcio's is nice, the guys that train there are cool as shit, and many different techniques are taught (kickboxing, BJJ, grappling).  From what they told me Marcio is getting ready to move his gym down by Roxy, somewhere around the corner of Colonial and I believe its Bennet (sp?).

But thanks for the info!!  Ifyou want any contact info for Marcio's, let me know.  Quite a few of the guys from that gym post here though.

Any info would be nice, man! Hope he doesn't move -- it appears I'm real close!

Armbar Guitar,

You CAN train with no insurance; I just wouldn't suggest going all-out. I've temporarily messed up my brachial plexus, had my sternum fractured, and been choked out, but I'm still here.

I'd suggest you modify your diet and give up smoking if you wanted to continue. Tap whenever you don't feel "right", either from asthma or from an excelerated heartbeat; eventually, as your cardio gets better, you'll build up to where these conditions and you having to stop don't occur as frequently.

I don't think you at 24 have done irreversible damage to your lungs/body yet. Don't worry about puking; a lot of times it's caused by an over-abundance of formation of lactate (lactic acid) from muscles being worked and adrenaline from anxiety.

Just keep of training. In sub grappling, YOU are the one who controls the intensity and the safety of the training.

Hi Benchwarmer,

I decided to start training at 30. I was very unfit, an on and off smoker, and love the herb.

I threw up at the first class after a warm-up grapple, threw up so hard that blood was coming out (no real damage done). The instructor didn't think I'd be back, he was suggesting holding off on purchasing the Gi.

Well about 1 year after that I competed in MMA. I trained just two months on picking up my Cardio before the fight from a pathetic level to a level I never new existed. (Gave up the ciggies and herb for two months). You would be surprised at how quickly you can pick up your fitness level.

I also am getting back into it after a 4 year hiatus,I was doing squats today and threw up from the lactic acid,man that sucks but it is a part of life.Run like you stole something if you wanna last in a Grappling tourney,you need run alot.I have been running 2 miles everyday before work and the feeling your body gives you after a good run is undescribeable you feel awesome,then the next thing you know is you'll be training and you won't be breathing as hard as you once did,then everything falls into place.The next thing you know your losing weight eating better feeling better getting some hot tail and knocking that bully from high school's teeth out.....LOL.Just kidding but it could all happen all you have to do is want it and MMA will change your life for the better,all the harsh critics need to see what this sport is doing for people (outside of the brutal beating some of the guys are taking)for the good!

Thank you and have a nice day.

LOL @ Hendew's jogging technique:"Run like you stole something"

Made me laugh, man!

bignightmare, It's on HAVEN(above the 10 frway,BELOW FOOTHILL.).

          *Make imediate(sp?) RIGHT into mini-                shopping center.
          *Says "CHAMPIONS" in blue letters.
          *(It's on your left hand side before little "KEY MAKERS" booth, CHINESE FOOD, and I think JC PENNY.)

If you have trouble finding it, let me know, for I know these are quick sloppy directions. If you know the area, It shouldn't be too much trouble.
Where do you work? UPS???


FIGRAPPLER, Thanks for the advice. Will do. I know I'm only 24, but I've really done it to myself. I went through some depress. and I did some major damage. But I've come to this point where I'm like, "F(_)ck it, I'll find out NOW OR NEVER if I can hang." Your post is very comforting, I appreciate your time. Thanks.


Its good to get the positive reinforcement-- thanks y'all!!!

I started running in the mornings with my dog.  Unfortunately most people at the gym have left for the holidays so training is on pause, but I'm sure once the first week of January comes around the training will be back on.

I got my first taste of BJJ on Tues.  It felt good, I just worked on my guard.  It seems to come kind-of easy, maybe from the wrestling I did in my youth.

I already understand what you guys mean by the positive addiction MMA can bring, only two classes and I already want more- a lot more.

I think in the spring when I have my cardio and get my body back to shape I will be looking for some competition.

I would suggest the NAGA tourney in February. They are always well run and have novice and beginner divisions.

Pros usually come and watch, which is cool too. Shonie Carter competed in the last tourney in Chicago, and Hermes Franka was in attendance. All in all, it's a great experience.