Trained in Gi for the first time..

And let me tell you, from my perspective it is a COMPLETELY DIFFERENT game!!! The first day of regular classes started yesterday at the Revolution Dojo ( ) and the jiu-jitsu class for yesterday was in a gi. I had never practiced in a gi, when I got started it was like being thrown out of my truck naked and told to find a way home I was so lost. But as the class went on due to the excellent instruction at the gym, I got more used to it and I am beginning to love it!!! Anyone else experience the difference in the grappling game when you throw on a gi for the first time?

take care of the skin off ur fingertips. trust me.

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Yeah, gi and no-gi bjj are ENTIRELY different sports, but bjj and mma are the same...

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BTW, enjoy yourself at RD!

I hate training with the fucking gi...LOL

But that's just my opinion


Yah, your fingers will feel numb for up to 12 hours or longer after each gi class. 

But good for you to be open minded and learning something new.

Best of luck to you!


I just did it again!!!

didnt seem that different to me just seemed like i was putting on extra clothes to grapple.

I've been training with the GI now for like 3 weeks, fingers are sore as hell, much more of a technical game.

I just started training....period, and it's with a gi. I like it. I think it's better for beginners because it's easier to grab your opponent, more subs are available. But I have a habbit of grabbing the guys gi when I'm on top and holding on for dear life. The result is pumped forearms and first knuckle above tip of fingers are usually scuffed up. I need to stop doing that to conserve energy because I am gasing out too quickly. Bjj is a tough sport. When I started I thought I would do it at least 3 times a week. I'm only doing it 2 times a week. I need at least 3 days to recover before the next session. Great sport, great workout.

it'll make certain aspects of your no gi game easier and some harder.. so keep training without it as well.

As someone who wrestled and did judo, there were things I liked and disliked about both....

Almost got my finger nails ripped off the first time.

Absolutely hate it. It is very frustrating, and almost like learning from ground up again. I'm in San Francisco and the only place nearby me is Ralph Gracie's in the city, but they are pretty much focused 100% on the gi game. I guess I can start all over again.. or find a place that has gi-less jj.

"my no gi grappling has improved becuse I am alot more cautious when I am grappling"

that is a great way to put it. training with the gi will make you really are always thinking someone is up to something at all times. this will help out your no gi game b/c you get a sixth sense on the mat.

i love using a gi. has helped me with my no gi

I got into grapplng with the Gi becuase people dont fight naked.I dont know where you live but in CT it gets pretty damn cold(todays forecast 15 degress with a windchill that will make it feel like -15 degrees).If your really into selfdefense than you should definetly get into rolling around with the Gi.
Gi wrestlng can go either way its easier to get an armbar with,becuase the Gi never gets sweaty and slippery like No-Gi wrestling can.

Dont ever buy a black Gi,unless you want to burn off some pounds.Two years ago I bought a black one cuz I wanted to look cool after 10 minutes of rolling I wanted to die.


"Dont ever buy a black Gi,unless you want to burn off some pounds.Two years ago I bought a black one cuz I wanted to look cool after 10 minutes of rolling I wanted to die. "

Why, were you rolling in the sun?

Ronin what type of assclown are you?Obviously youv'e never worked out before.Black clothes in general tend to make you heat up quicker and it takes in the heat.

"take care of the skin off ur fingertips. trust me."

LOL! I just wrenched my Thumb REALLY badly last week, doctor said it's going to take a good couple of months to heal properly... good call.

I like training both. I like the reality control and tightness of gi, great game to play. I also like the faster moving, more exciting to watch and differing tech's in no-gi. I'd be about 50/50 in my training.