Trained vs Untrained person.

This isn't about being tough. I'm not the toughest kid on the block. I'm not the best fighter. I don't take the best punch. But I'm good, and unless you've trained, I'm probably better than you.

I know how to hit you very hard because I've been taught how to do this by people who know how. And unless you really know what you're doing, you won't be able to hit me back.

I'll take you to the floor and choke you blue, because I've been taught how to do this by people who've been to Brazil.

This is right on the money. A trained person has every advantage over a untrained STREET FIGHTER.


This was directed to me?

and what makes this person think he's superman .Does he believe he can defeat say a person whos fought hundreds of times on the street.It's more than just showing up in class and training its heart determination and sheer viscousness that wins REAL fights this combined with skill. But yes it is a great advantage to be skilled but..dont think it means you will beat ALL untrained fighters.And yes I am trained.


Oh 'unless you've trained', ok...

puts pieces of computer screen back together and blows off knuckles

ALL untrained fighters have a severe handicap against the trained. Reguardless of size and experience.

Smart money is on the guy that is an athlete and trains to fight everyday vs the local neighborhood tough guy that chain smokes and drinks like a fish.

'I'll take you to the floor and choke you blue, because I've been taught how to do this by people who've been to Brazil.'

LMAO at that statement. 'by people who've been to Brazil'.


good one


Giorgos what does that even mean? Who is immature?

Geese, people in Brazil do that stuff, haven't you heard of the Gracie family?

WTF hold on a're saying that 'Gracie' is not a planet unto itself??? I call bs.

Dude read the statement, it's hilarious. Sounds like either a troll or someone who knows nothing except that BJJ is Brazilian in it's roots.

I've seen people who've trained for a very long time get knocked the fuck out by somebody who hasn't trained in shit. Regardless of how good you are, sometimes you make a mistake or luck just isn't on your side.

That blog is awesome. The guy got a book deal out of it.

From what I've read he could probably beat most people here outside of green namers. He regularly rousts all sorts of goons from his place of work. And he writes pretty well too.

"You keep "training" to fight while i'm in the streets actually kicking ass evry weekend."

What a winner.

If you are on the streets kicking ass every weekend, you need to find better places to spend your time.

yeah I agree with Geese

that quote is pretty funny

so you are trained...

now STFU

Not trying to bash your question, but its too subjective, like any of the multitude of questions like this on could take an average well trained mcdonalds employee and have them work beside an intelligent intuitive untrained person and it would probably be hard to tell who was trained and who wasn't. Same with fighting imo...more to do with the individual than the training, although training on a physically level playing field definitely wins.

"Well I do not train in the gym. But in a street fight do not think I care any bit about "rules"? I have no problems to dig in eyes, pull ears, BITE, tear your sac of like a paper towel."

The problem with this is that a trained fighter can do any of these things just as easily as you can. just cause i train in an enviornment where i am not gonna injure my friends/training partners doesnt mean i have any qualms with biting, eye gouging, etc. going into a fight with your gameplan being to bite = trouble for you.