Trained w. Murilo Bustamante today

Went to the Murilo seminar to kick off the BTT West Coast Team. Murilo was a good guy and his english was WAY better than I expected. He was a mute in the Master Series tapes that Sperry made. Murilo had pretty good explanations and walked around and made sure people were doing it right. Also was very responsive to questions that people had. Rey Diogo stopped by with his family and it was good to see him and Murilo get together since they were old teammates. Rey didn't stay but for a moment there were 4 black belts there. Murilo Bustamante, Marcelo Perdomo, Allan Carvalho and Rey Diogo. About 30 people came for the seminar. 2 hours of gi and 2 hours no gi. Everything was taught in sequence and I learned some nice details on things I thought I was doing right.

He said he will be fighting next in the Pride MW Grand Prix. I will be shooting a video segment with him and Marcelo on Tuesday it seems.


Well, Rey didn't train or teach. He just showed up and hung out for like half an hour to see his boy Murilo. One cool thing was that Murilo was doing all the moves to Marcelo Perdomo, and MArcelo's cousin, Allan Carvalho (black belt) watched and practiced every single technique that was taught, just like all the other students.


ttt for Murilo!! He's a unreal teacher and person!

Have you guys rolled with him?