Trained with Casey Oxendine!

Casey came to our school to do a seminar. it went great 4 hours of learning. casey showed some very technical moves but the best part was the level of detail of each technique. he broke apart each part of the techniques so a beginner could understand an advanced move easily. his depth of knowledge of the art amazes me to this day. casey also rolled with every person there so he could feel what they are doing and give some tips to help my students and me as well. i could not touch him on the mat, not once. he was doing exactly what he wanted to me at all times. if anyone has the chance to train with casey i urge them to take it. casey will be returning to NY next year ill post when the seminars are upcoming. he is going to make a great black belt shortly.

James Linic

Team LionKill

Kingston NY


Casey is first class guy. A real example of the kind of person that martial artists should be.


Do you guys know how I can get in touch with Casey? I heard Kevin Purdy was training with him in JC and just was wondering if it was true.

casey will read this thread and can contact you somehow ill be sure to tell him to check this thread out tonight when i talk to him

ttt for Casey.





I have thought about it in the past and usually work and family commitments kept me from being able to train like I would need to. 

For example, last month I put in 116 hours after school working with kids.  I did have some good results, though, see:

(A video is at the bottom of this page)


I really enjoy combat training and the martial arts in general, but, I have to work to feed the family, I regret it everytime I miss evening prayer with my wife and kids, and I do want to be successful at my profession as well.


How's your family?








ttt. casey was nasty, his techniques were great.
thanx again casey.


this past weekend was some of the best jiu jitsu i have seen/done in a long time. this is why i do this sport and train so hard.

Casey will be fighting Steve "The Weasel" Hallock this weekend, in Atlanta, MMA!

good luck to casey but i must say anyone who faces him should be the one hoping for luck. casey felt more then ready for a fight.

Thanks so much to James, Nolan, and all of Team Lionkill for all the hospitality. These guys are top notch and shows, not only in their skills but in the skills of their students. If you are anywhere near Kingston, you should definitely check these guys out.

Grapplegimp, Kevin has been training with us here and with Soneca in Knoxville for about six months now. He recently took gold at the MMA Gear Bjj open in Knoxville, as a blue belt. Give me an email at

To everyone in Atlanta, I'll see you this weekend!