Trained with Javier Vazquez....

And he was GREAT (he beat my ass....easily ) but the things he showed me i think will elevate my game ,my NHB game.ill tell you if you ever get a chance to go to La Habra DO IT !!!


is he retired from fighting?

Javi is a warrior and his knee is shot..

do it. do it.

TTT for Javi

he says he is retired ..but in talking to him he sounds like if his knee was better he would fight again...he;s cool as shit and teaches some cool stuff as well !

Javier is one of the most amazing technicians in
the sport. Much of his stuff he developed himself.
He is my instructor, and I proudly wear the brown
belt he gave me. GLad you learnd some good stuff

the rev

horrible to know he said he is retired. he got a ufc shot, then fucked up his knee. man, thats gotta suck balls.

yea man he rocks ! im just trying to get you guys to go out there and train with him ,hes got a new school and its pretty nice !.........ill go train there a couple times a week (and i live 50 miles away) so spread the word p.s. he doesnt know im doin this ,,,i just thought it would be cool.

yea it does suck.

fought Alberto Crane (one of the best USA Bjj'ers IMHO) blew out his knee 30 seconds into the fight, could BARELY walk, and still managed to go the 15 minutes in a VERY back and forth fight before losing a split decision. If he won he was supposed to fight Franca, even if he had one he couldn't because of his knee.

Then before he was supposed to fight Serra he jacked his knee AGAIN.

He said he was done with fighting but was still going to do the Mundials and IF he knee didn't act up for a year or two we may see him again....

I don't think we have seen the last of Javi.

Javier is teaching out of La Habra.819 E. La Habra Blvd.La Habra, CA 90631562.441.2221Here are the directions to the La Habra studio.

why does he wear pink??? that scares me.


can i get some TTT's


Einux- I hope so bro. Javi is all action. Hes just had some horrible luck.

The Hyena- where do you drive from? I'll cruise on through on a weekend or something. I'm way down to roll.

My name Crazy Tim. Javi is the fucking shit. I have been training with him since back in the old days with Rodrigo and Millenia. I live in houston now and have my own crew but Javi and speak ever so often. I used to teach at LaHabra until I moved to houston and I could not be more happy and proud that Javi is teaching there now. He is _THE_ fucking grappling wizard. He named me crazy Tim and got my game sick. He has been inspirational as a training partner and fellow competitor on my team. I am indebted to Javi for life. If you want to get your game sic go see Javi in LaHabra and let the sickness begin. Rev John I am so proud of you. Javi called when he was going to give you your belt and I was in full support(not that he needed it). Your game has always been dope and you have pushed me many times. I am proud of you and proud to have trained together for so long. Good Luck and peace to all my hommies. Crazy Tim (281)802-4518
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Javy's the real deal, if you haven't trained with him at least once in your lifetime, well then your missing out!

Gracie Girl