Traing: how many times a week?

How many times a week do the best in the world at Brazilian Jiu jitsu train and for how many weeks/months of the year? How many hours a day? Do they increase their training before a competition?

i have so much that i want to learn and so much that i have to improve up on, so i train everyday of the week. i want to be ready at any given time to take on a fight or compete in a tournement.
dawgswrestler, good luck in your training. see ya at nationals.

I have been told that sparring 3 times a week is good. And adding additional days of just some drills or technique is best. Otherwise you really risk overtraining. I know that I overtrain sometimes and can barely get my ass out of bed some mornings so I have to take a few days off. I hate it but, otherwise my sparring really lacks and everyone taps me out. So I will just go and watch class or a video.