Training after a tattoo

How long do I have to wait before I can throw the gi on and train again!?!?! IT IS DRIVING ME NUTS!

I'd say at least 2 weeks, depending on how big and so forth.

It is about two inches in diameter.

Where is it? How long has it been since you got it? Is it still oozing?

inside my right arm (biceps). not oozing, just scabs coming off. do you think I can train once the scabs are gone?

Thanks for the advice!

oh no...

Inside the biceps, you da man! Yes, you should be able to train once the scabs come off, but just as a precaution, maybe wear a rashguard for a couple of weeks. And DO NOT pick that scabs off as some of the ink will come with it. Just out of curiosity, is it BJJ related?

Thanks, man!

This is the exact tattoo:

Andre the Samurai!


you might want to put a non stick gauze pad on it and wrap your bicep with an ace bandage to make sure it doesn't rub on anything.

give it about a week after the scabs are all gone

What would happen if it rubbed once the scabs were off? Is it an increased chance of infection, or does it ruin the tat somehow?

I cant wait another week to train. ARGHH!

Thanks, guys.

Girth, is AD ointment like Neosporin?

I got one on my shoulder blade and trained the same night. Just left the bacitracin and saran wrap over it.

No problems...

Did your arm bruise, Loki? Mine is still a bit bruised from the tattooing.

Thanks, man!

will you post a pic?

Post some pics?

i rolled with a guy a while ago who had just been tattooed earlier THAT DAY.

haven't seen him since.

no problem if its scabed your probly ok!! inside the arm isn't like on your
back where you laying on it.. Good luck

I remember i was staying away from training because i didn't want the scabs to come off. Then like 3-4 days after the tat i went into a sauna and the scabs basicly just flew off. Tat is fine though and i started rolling 2 days after that (figured to be safe i'd give it a couple of days, tat is forever so i can stay off the mat or a few days to keep it nice).